Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics

Our mission rests in research, education, and scholarship.

Our faculty engages in research in a range of areas from applied and algorithmic problems to the study of fundamental mathematical questions. By its nature, our work is and always has been inter- and multi-disciplinary. Among the research areas represented in the Division are dynamical systems and partial differential equations, control theory, probability and stochastic processes, numerical analysis and scientific computing, fluid mechanics, computational molecular biology, statistics, and pattern theory.

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Nature Computational Science

Machine Learning and Covid-19

New study exhibits how machine learning could improve COVID-19 predictive models. How efficiently the virus jumps from person to person along with how often people come into close contact with each other can't be observed directly, so models must infer their values from available data. The study found that a major downfall of COVID-19 models was that they treated key parameter values as being fixed over time, regardless of the face that these factors shifted dramatically in the real world.