Applied Mathematics

Undergraduate Program

Applied Math Graduates
Applied Mathematics graduates join together outside of Saint Stephen's Church on the day of Commencement.
Undergraduate Program


Applied Mathematics is an inherently interdisciplinary subject which applies to many problems that arise in the physical, life and social sciences as well as in engineering. Our undergraduate program offers a robust, flexible curriculum that meets the goals and interests of a wide variety of Brown students. Our four concentrations, including joint concentrations with Biology, Computer Science, and Economics, promote interdisciplinary collaboration and prepare our students for a broad range of potential career opportunities.


What is Applied Mathematics?

What is applied math? What do you learn? What careers are possible?

Courses and Curriculum

How do you choose courses and navigate our curriculum?


How do you declare and complete a concentration?


How do you pursue honors in an APMA concentration?

Academic & Research Opportunities

How do you engage in applied math academics, research, and internships beyond our basic courses?

Directed Reading Program

How can I explore high-level mathematics topics with mentor support?

Undergraduate Awards

What awards are given to outstanding undergraduates at graduation?