Applied Mathematics

Courses and Curriculum

Courses and Curriculum

Courses in Applied Mathematics are designed for students with a wide range of goals and are not limited to the needs of students following an applied mathematics concentration. There are many opportunities for students to explore different subject areas and see which they find most interesting.

When choosing courses, consider what your goals are. Do you wish to pursue applied mathematics at a graduate level? Do you wish to gain a good basis in applied mathematics at an undergraduate level, but intend later to pursue some other related area? Are you simply taking courses for general understanding and knowledge?

Below is a list of suggested first courses for those who are interested in applied mathematics but unsure of where to start. We also encourage you to visit Courses@Brown to see the most up-to-date information on APMA course offerings in upcoming semesters.

First Courses in APMA

  • Calculus, linear algebra, and basic computing are prerequisites for many APMA courses. Many students satisfy most or all of these prerequisites during their first year at Brown.
    • Calculus sequence: MATH 0090, MATH 0100, and MATH 0180, 0200 or 0350
    • Linear algebra: MATH 0520 or preferably MATH 0540
    • Computing: any one of APMA 0160, 0200, CSCI 0111, 0150, 0170, 0190
  • APMA 0350 (Differential Equations) and APMA 1650 or preferably APMA 1655 (Statistical Inference) are natural first courses in APMA. They are gateways to many of our upper-level courses
  • APMA 0200 (Introduction to Modeling) requires only calculus through MATH 0100 and can be a good introduction to Applied Math without a long list of prerequisites.
  • APMA 0650 (Essential Statistics) is not intended for concentrators, but it requires no prerequisites and is one way to get a glimpse of APMA without any calculus background.

Courses for APMA Concentrators

The University Bulletin provides the most up-to-date list of requirements for the A.B. and Sc.B. programs in Applied Mathematics (click below to view each concentration's Bulletin page):

APMA concentrators should work with their concentration advisors to determine their individual pathways through the curriculum. You can also visit our Concentrations page or reach out to the Director of Undergraduate Studies at with additional questions.