Applied Mathematics

Student Groups

Our student groups form a vibrant, supportive community of undergraduate and graduate students who share a common interest in applied mathematics.


The goals of the Applied Mathematics Departmental Undergraduate Group (AMDUG) are to bring together Brown students who have a common interest in Applied Mathematics. The goal of the AMDUG is to share resources and talent, develop relationships with faculty and each other, and organize lectures and inspiring events.  Since Applied Mathematics is inherently cross disciplinary, the AMDUG welcomes students from all concentrations which involve some aspect of a mathematical nature.  It is hoped that by developing and nurturing a vibrant community of students with diverse interests, unified by mathematics, the Brown undergraduate experience will be made much richer and more fulfilling. If you have any questions, please contact The AMDUG leadership team includes:

  • President:  Bernard Li
  • Vice President:  Shivani Mendiratta
  • Treasurer:  Maxwell Cozean
  • Communications Chair:  Michelle Liu
  • Events Coordinator:  Jennifer Shim
  • Social Media Manager:  Vivian Miller
  • Design Chair:  Natsuka Hayashida
  • General E-Board:  Grace Yang, Hannah Jang, Tommy Ngyuen, and Sara Bao


Association for Women in Mathematics

Association for Women in MathematicsThe Association for Women in Mathematics chapter at the Division of Applied Mathematics was founded in the Fall of 2013. The association's mission seeks to encourage woman to develop their mathematical talent, and to attain their potential in their academic and intellectual pursuits in the mathematical sciences. Founded in 1971, the AWM continues to burgeon, offering an essential forum to the rising number of young women interested in pursuing graduate studies in the mathematical sciences.  An important goal of Brown's Chapter of AWM is fulfilled through sponsoring special events and workshops. These events provide an excellent opportunity to gather women from divergent mathematical backgrounds, so that they can offer inspiration and support to one another toward shared academic and career goals.



  • President: Shivani Mendiratta
  • Vice President: Cindy Zheng
  • Secretary: Seehanah Tang
  • First-Year Liaison: Catherine Jia

    Rose Whelan Society for Women in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

    The Rose Whelan Society is a group aimed at creating community among women graduate students, postdocs and faculty in Math and Applied Math at Brown. The Society organizes social activities (i.e. group lunches, wine and cheese events at ICERM), as well as career-oriented events (i.e. postdoc and job panels) and outreach activities for undergraduate students (i.e. finals prep study sessions). The group is named after the first person to obtain a Ph.D. in Mathematics at Brown.

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    SIAM Student Chapter

    The purpose of the Brown SIAM Student Chapter, established in October 2015, is to build community and active connections across disciplines and among graduate and undergraduate students who use applied mathematics. Intended events include academic tutorials, movie and game nights, company visits, and job panels. The Chapter also organizes the Brown Mathematical Contest for Modeling (BMCM) for undergraduate students. 

    • President: Timothy Roberts
    • Vice President: Juniper Cocomello
    • Secretary: Pratyush Potu
    • Treasurer:  Anand Advani
    • Faculty Advisor: Bjorn Sandstede
    • Email Address:

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