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Applied Mathematics Master's Program

Besides the Data Science Master's degree, the Division of Applied Mathematics does not offer a professional Masters program. However, Brown undergraduate and graduate students can enroll in our graduate program to earn a ScM in Applied Mathematics in four different ways:

  • Four-Year Concurrent Degree Program:  The Four-Year Concurrent Degree Program leads to a Baccalaureate and Master’s Degree.  This program allows exceptionally capable Brown students to combine their last year or two of undergraduate study with graduate study, resulting in the simultaneous completion of both a Baccalaureate Degree and a Master’s Degree.

  • Open Graduate Program: The new open graduate program allows Brown PhD students to purse a ScM in a different discipline while they work on their PhD. For more information please click here.

  • Fifth Year Masters: Brown undergraduates may be allowed to continue at the University for a master’s degree after completing their bachelor’s degrees.

  • Master’s Degree en Route to Ph.D.:  Brown Ph.D. students from any discipline can earn an ScM  degree in applied mathematics if they satisfy the requirements for the ScM degree. Applied Mathematics Ph.D. students automatically receive an ScM in Applied Mathematics once they satisfy the requirements for the ScM degree. This is subject to the approval of the student’s Director of Graduate Studies.

For more details about the Sc.M. degree download the application

Brown undergraduate students interested in receiving a 5th year Masters in Applied Mathematics can find information on how to apply by visiting the Graduate School, 5th Year Master's Degree webpage.


Pooja Agarwal and Prabhatika Vij celebrate Commencement Day
Pooja Agarwal and Prabhatika Vij celebrate Commencement Day
Data Science Master's Program

The Data Science Initiative at Brown University offers a professional Master's program in Data Science that will prepare students from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds for distinctive careers in Data Science. Rooted in a research collaboration among Applied Mathematics, Biostatistics, Computer Science, and Mathematics, the Master's program will offer a rigorous, distinctive, and attractive education for people building careers in Data Science and/or in Big Data Management. The program's main goal is to provide a fundamental understanding of the methods and algorithms of Data Science. More information about the curriculum and admissions can be found on our Data Science Master's Program  page.