Applied Mathematics

Current Students

First- and second-year students

As a reminder, you need to enroll in 4 courses (or 3 if an RA or TA) per semester. Please discuss your course choices with your advisor. Once you have finalized your course choices, please fill out the course-registration form.  Have your advisor sign it and return the form to Candida Hall.  We also strongly encourage you to consider working during the summer with faculty on research projects in an area in which you might want to pursue your thesis work. Feel free to contact our faculty members.  If you need advice on contacting an appropriate faculty member, please contact Professor Chi-Wang Shu

Personal website

If you are interested in setting up a personal website, please contact Stephanie Han.  She will also assist you with linking your website to your entry on the Division’s “People” page.


Round table

The schedule and content of the informal professional development discussions at ICERM. These discussions cover issues ranging from job applications, the hiring process, paper writing, grant proposal writing to ethical conduct and misconduct in research. We strongly recommend that fourth-year graduate students attend some or all of these sessions to start preparing for the life after the PhD. Participation in the two ethics sessions counts as replacement for Brown’s BEARCORE program.

Semester programs

Check out ICERM’s semester programs to see whether there are events of interest to you.

Teaching opportunities

There are opportunities for graduate students who excelled in their TA duties to teach their own courses as sole instructors. Three options are (i) to teach a course in the Summer@Brown program, (ii) to teach a regular course in the Division in fall or spring (this is contingent on the teaching needs of the Division), and (iii) to apply for a BTP fellowship to teach at Tougaloo College. If you are interested, please let Bjorn Sandstede know well in advance: courses for Summer@Brown are finalized in early November, while the teaching schedule for the Division is finalized in January for the following academic year.

Financial support for conference and research travel

The Graduate School offers various sources of support for partial funding for attending conferences and for research related travel: please check the departmental graduate handbook.

Another helpful resource is Graduate Student Resources.