Applied Mathematics

Graduate Student Awards

Each year, the Division of Applied Mathematics recognizes its most outstanding PhD students with one of the following awards.  In addition, the Graduate School also offers an award for the most outstanding dissertation

Dunmu Ji Award

Dunmu Ji, who received his Ph.D. from the Division in 1988 was particularly supportive of the graduate program as an alumni. The prize carrying his name is awarded in recognition of a particularly original and independent thesis.

Stella Dafermos Award

The Stella Dafermos Award has been set up by the Division to honor the memory of Professor Stella Dafermos. The prize goes to one or more outstanding graduate students who share her goals

David Gottlieb Memorial Award

The David Gottlieb Memorial Award has been established by the Division to honor the memory of Professor David Gottlieb. The prize recognizes excellence of graduate study in the Division.

Sigma Xi Award

The Sigma Xi Award is awarded to a graduate student for excellence in research and high potential for future contributions.

Simon Ostrach Fellowship

The Simon Ostrach Fellowship, our only named graduate fellowship, was established in 1994 by Simon Ostrach (Sc.M. 1949 and Ph.D. 1950) to recognize graduate students for their distinguished academic record. 

Joukowsky Family Foundation Outstanding Dissertation Award

This award is an annual prize awarded by the Graduate school for superior achievements in research by students who are completing their Ph.Ds.  The awards are usually given to four students per year, one from each of the four main areas: the humanities, the life sciences, the physical sciences, and the social sciences.

Graduate Award Recipients

The Stella Dafermos Award:  Rebecca Santorella

The Dunmu Ji Award: Ankan Ganguly

David Gottlieb Memorial Award:  Liu Yang

Simon Ostrach Fellowship:  Rebecca Durst

Sigma Xi Award:  Ying-Ting Liao

  • Joukowsky Family Foundation Outstanding Dissertation Award:  Lu Lu
  • Dunmu Ji Award: Colin McSwiggen
  • Stella Dafermos Award: Melissa McGuirl
  • David Gottlieb Memorial Award: Lu Lu
  • Sigma Xi Award: Zongyuan Li
  • Ostrach Fellowship: Taehee Lee
  • Dunmu Ji Award: Guo-Jhen Wu
  • Stella Dafermos Award: Stephanie Dodson 
  • David Gottlieb Memorial Award: Tianheng Chen
  • Sigma Xi Award:  Melissa McGuirl
  • Ostrach Fellowship: Dongkun Zhang
  • Dunmu Ji Award:  Sameer Iyer
  • Stella Dafermos Award: Pooja Agarwal
  • Joukowsky Family Foundation Outstanding Dissertation Award: 
  • Sameer Iyer
  • David Gottlieb Memorial Award: Zheng Sun
  • Sigma Xi Award: Ben Whitney
  • Ostrach Fellowship:  Amanda Howard
  • Dunmu Ji Award: Hong Zhang
  • Stella Dafermos Award: Alexandria Volkening
  • David Gottlieb Memorial Award: Christian Glusa
  • Sigma Xi Award: Veronica Ciocanel
  • Ostrach Fellowship:  Seungjoon Lee
  • Dunmu Ji Award: Mohammadreza Aghajani
  • Stella Dafermos Award: Elizabeth Makrides
  • David Gottlieb Memorial Award: Nathaniel Trask
  • Sigma Xi Award: Steven Kim
  • Ostrach Fellowship:  Mingge Deng
  • Dunmu Ji Award: Changho Kim
  • Stella Dafermos Award: Heyrim Cho
  • David Gottlieb Memorial Award: Lei Wu
  • Sigma Xi Award: Changho Kim
  • Ostrach Fellowship:  Lei Wu
  • Dunmu Ji Award: Joe Klobusicky and Yue Yu
  • Stella Dafermos Award: Laura Slivinski
  • Joukowsky Family Foundation Outstanding Dissertation Award:  Jeffrey Miller
  • David Gottlieb Memorial Award: Zhongqiang Zhang
  • Sigma Xi Award: Mohammadreza Aghajani
  • Ostrach Fellowship:  Wei Wu
  • Dunmu Ji Award: Yang Yang
  • Stella Dafermos Award: Kelly McQuighan
  • David Gottlieb Memorial Award: Yufei Liu
  • Sigma Xi Award: Jeffrey Miller
  • Ostrach Fellowship: Yang Yang and Yue Yu
  • Stella Dafermos Award:  Luan Lin
  • President's Award for Excellence in Teaching: Jeffrey Miller
  • David Gottlieb Memorial Award:  Kamaljit Chowdhary
  • The Joukowsky Outstanding Dissertation Prize:  Surui Tan
  • Sigma Xi:  Sirui Tan