Applied Mathematics

Govind Menon

Professor of Applied Mathematics and Director of Graduate Studies
Room 204, 182 George Street
Office Hours: Fri 1 - 3


Ph.D, Brown University, 2001



My formal education is in applied mathematics (Ph.D, Brown 2001), theoretical and applied mechanics (MS, Cornell 1996), and mechanical engineering (B.Tech, IIT Kharagpur, 1994). This was followed by temporary appointments at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig, and the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I returned to Brown as an Assistant Professor in July, 2004 and have been at Brown since.

Research Overview

Mathematical physics with a focus on the interplay between dynamical systems, integrable systems, kinetic theory and probability theory. Application areas of interest include fluid mechanics, materials science, physical chemistry and biological and synthetic self-assembly.

Research Interests

I view myself as a problem solver, rather than a specialist in any particular technique. My work spans a wide range and includes  pure mathematics (analysis, dynamical systems, partial differential equations), applied mathematics (computational methods, asymptotics, modelling), and active collaboration with experimentalists in the sciences (self-assembly, textiles, soft condensed matter).  My  recent work focuses on the formation and propagation of disorder in physical models and numerical algorithms. I hope to use  integrable systems to  explain some tantalizing links between random matrix theory,  Burgers-KPZ turbulence, and number theory that have come to light in the past fifteen years.  I am also strongly interested in the development of a mathematical theory for biological and synthetic self-assembly.


Applied Mathematics Letters (Associate Editor, 2011-- present)
Journal of Nonlinear Science (Associate Editor, 2011--present)
Quarterly of Applied Mathematics (Associate Editor, 2015--present)
SIAM Journal of Mathematical Analysis (Associate Editor, 2010--present)
American Mathematical Society (AMS)
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)


APMA 1330 - Methods of Applied Mathematics III, IV. Fall 2014.
APMA 1710 - Information Theory. Fall 2016.
APMA 2200 - Nonlinear Dynamical Systems: Theory and Applications. Spring 2014, Spring 2016.
APMA 2811O - Dynamics and Stochastics. Spring 2015.
APMA 2821X - Statistical Theories of Turbulence. Spring 2016.


Faculty Research Profile



    Clay Mathematics Institute Emissary, Aug. 2000,
    NSF Career Award, 2008 - 2013