Applied Mathematics

Jerome Darbon

Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
Room 316, 170 Hope Street
Office Hours: Wednesday, 11:00 - 12:00 pm, or by appointment


Ph.D., Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, Paris

Research Interests

Efficient algorithms for variational/Bayesian estimations and connections with Hamilton-Jacobi PDEs • Combinatorial optimization, especially network flows and graph-based algorithms • Stochastic sampling algorithms, especially perfect samplers • Algorithm/architecture co-design including low level implementation • Applications to denoising, geomorphology, remote sensing, biological, medical, historical, radar and inverse problems in imaging sciences. 


2010-2014, Recipient of the CNRS “Prime d’Excellence Scienfique" prize for outstanding research

2009, Recipient of the UCLA Chancellor’s Award for Postdoctoral Research 


Faculty Research Profile


J. DARBON AND S. OSHER. Algorithms for Overcoming the Curse of Dimensionality for Certain Hamilton-Jacobi Equations Arising in Control Theory and Elsewhere. Accepted for publication (In press) in Research in the Mathematical Sciences. (Paper available as UCLA CAM 15-50).

J. DARBON. On Convex Finite-Dimensional Variational Methods in Imaging Sciences and Hamilton-Jacobi Equations.  SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences, volume 8, number 4, pages 2268–2293, 2015.

A. CHEN, J. DARBON, C. DE FRANCHIS, G. FACCIOLO, E. MEINHARDT, J. MICHEL AND J.-M. MOREL. Numerical simulation of landscape evolution and water run-off on digital elevation models obtained from Pleiade. Revue Française de Photogrammétrie et de Télédection, volume 209, pages 117-123, January 2015.

A. CHEN, J. DARBON AND J.-M. MOREL. Landscape evolution models: a review of their fundamental equations. Geomorphology, volume 219, pages 68-86, August 2014.

A. CHEN, J. DARBON, G. BUTTAZZO, F. SANTAMBROGIO AND J.-M. MOREL. On the equations of landscape formation. Interfaces and Free Boundaries, volume 16, number 1, pages 105-136, 2014.

B. OSTING, J. DARBON AND S. OSHER. Statistical ranking using the l1-norm on graphs. AIMS Journal on Inverse Problems and Imaging, volume 7, number 3, 2013.

V. ISAREL-JOST, J. DARBON, E. ANGELINI AND I. BLOCH. Conciliating syntactic and semantic constraints for multi-phase and multi-channel region segmentation. Computer Vision and Image Understanding, volume 117, number 8, pages 819-826, August 2013

A. SHABOU, J. DARBON AND F. TUPIN. Multilabel partition moves for MRF optimization. Image Vision Computing, volume 31, number 1, pages 14-30, January 2013.

A. BORGHI, J. DARBON, S. PEYRONNET, T. CHAN AND S. OSHER. A Simple Compressive Sensing Algorithm for Parallel Many-Core Architectures. Journal of Signal Processing Systems, volume 71, number 1, pages 1-20, April 2013.

L. LIKFORMAN-SULEM, J. DARBON AND E.H. BARNEY SMITH. Enhancement of historical printed document images by combining Total Variation regularization and Non-Local Means filtering. Image Vision Computing, volume 29, number 5, pages 351–363, April 2011.

A. BORGHI, J. DARBON AND S. PEYRONNET. Exact algorithm for the l1-compressive sensing problem using a modified Dantzig-Wolfe method. Theoretical Computer Science, volume 412, number 15, pages 1325–1337, 2011.

S. BAUSSON, V. THOMAS, P.-Y. JOUBERT, L. BLANC-FERAUD, J. DARBON AND G. AUBERT. Regularized inversion of a distributed point source model for the reconstruction of defects in Eddy current imaging. International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (COMPEL), volume 30, number 6, 2011.

A. SHABOU, J. DARBON AND F. TUPIN. A Markovian Approach for InSAR Phase Reconstruction with Mixed Discrete and Continuous Optimization IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, volume 8, number 3, pages 527–531, 2010.

J. DARBON. Global Optimization for First Order Markov Random Fields with Submodular Priors. Discrete Applied Mathematics, volume 157, number 16, 2009.

L. DENIS, F. TUPIN, J. DARBON AND MARC SIGELLE. Joint Regularization of Phase and Amplitude of InSAR Data: Application to 3D Reconstruction.  IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, volume 47, number 11, 2009.

A. CHAMBOLLE AND J. DARBON. On Total Variation Minimization and Surface Evolution using Parametric Maximum Flows. International Journal of Computer Vision, volume 84, number 3, pages 288-307, 2009.

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J. DARBON AND M. SIGELLE. Image Restoration with Discrete Constrained Total Variation Part I: Fast and Exact Optimization. Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, volume 26, number 3, pages 261-276, December 2006.

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E. YORUK, E. KONUKOGLU, B. SANKUR AND J. DARBON. Hand Shape Based Authentication. IEEE transactions on Image Processing, volume 15, number 7, pages 1803-1815, July 2006.